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Wedding DIY! Part 3: The dress

 My dress came from the UCP thrift store. It was $70 and I wasn’t sure about it but bought it anyway. I yelped seamstresses in the Bay Area and found one who was amazing. For $140, she completely redid the bust and hemmed the lace edges. So, my San Patrick dress totaled $210 for a partially custom made dress. When trying on dresses in a fancy dress shop, I found a sash that I absolutely loved but didn’t know the brand. I was able to find a knock off on Etsy and recreated it. I finagled two friends into working with me until 2am the night before my wedding to put together the flowers that I had hand cut and sewn and then hand beaded. They were amazing, hand sewing and band and attaching the flowers to it. It was finished as the dress was on me, an hour or so before the wedding. After all the work that was put into it, it is now a wall decoration in our home. The sash is made from ivory satin and chiffon from an amazing Berkeley fabric store, Stone Mountain and Daughter. The lace is a scrap from my dress and the beads are Swarovski’s.

This is the dress originally. I don’t have a good shot from the front, but it is a gathered, sheer material with rhinestones and a sheer halter strap- not quite my thing.
2 am sweatshop, day of the wedding with two of my best friends
my lovely ladies sewing the sash
best friends will do almost anything for you!
pinning it on the dress

finishing touches being done while I was in the dress, hours before go time.

The finished product! Love.
This was from our engagement picture session. I also made this flower from black satin, black polka dot chiffon, tan feathers, a fancy bead and black netting. It was a good practice run for the sash.

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