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Wedding DIY! Part 2: Teresita’s flowers

This one isn’t DIY, but it is handmade.
I was not one of those girls who dreamed of my wedding day, not when I was young and not when I was older. However, I knew for years that I wanted paper flowers at my wedding but fresh bouquets made by my mother. It worked out that our first trip together was camping in Mexico and we got engaged in Nicaragua, so thankfully, my plan for a Latin American themed wedding worked out. David and I both love color and there was a lot of color at our wedding. Our beautiful ceremony and reception decor was largely inspired and created by the lovely Teresita and her daughter Xochitl. If you have been to Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town San Diego, Teresita and Xochitl make all of the paper flowers. My family and I had bought paper flowers for 10-15 years from Teresita. My mom used to volunteer at San Diego’s first schoolhouse in Old Town and would see Teresita a few times a week. We visited her many times and she made flower wreaths for the table and large, single flowers for the altar and the ceremony chairs. Her work is stunning and such a beautiful pop of color. She also made a fun big donkey pinata for the kid’s table (which also had glow sticks, bubbles, mini flashlights, Chinese yoyos and other fun stuff).

the crepe paper, ready to be rolled
All of the flowers we were choosing from.
Photo by Vanessa Ha
Photo by Vanessa Ha
Photo by Vanessa Ha
Photo by Vanessa Ha

The kids table.

flowers on our bookshelf
a close up the flowers in our kitchen

flowers close up
the donkey and flowers on our bookshelf

card box with papel picado and paper flowers. Photo by Vanessa Ha
 ceremony decorations arranged by my aunt. photo by Vanessa Ha

the centerpieces. photo Vanessa Ha.

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