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Wedding DIY! Part 4: Invites, save the dates and thank yous

The first DIY project of our wedding were the invites and the save the dates. These both took coupious amounts of time to put together, but I loved them and they are so very special. They also were the inspiration for the thank you cards, our ring pillow- hand embroidered by my mom, and our first monogram-a M that I painted for our guest book table.

I made cards for my bridesmaids asking them to be in my wedding (sorry for the crappy pics. This was long before my T3i).

Our save the dates were an idea from Martha Stewart. I set up the tripod when we were in Nicaragua to take the photos and David mosaiced the photo when we got home. I bought a custom stamp on Etsy with our names and dates and small envelopes. I printed our wedding info on cardstock and put it in the little envelope and sealed it with a ‘save the date’ sticker that I found on clearance at Michaels. 

Our invitations were the biggest DIY and the one I was the most proud of. I made up the pocket idea, and as a warning, it took a very, very long time to put together 70 of these.  I folded and cut a square of scrapbook paper into the shape below. Then the triangle was folded up and the edge was folded under as the spot where it was glued to form a pocket. We glued champange cardstock on the front and the square inside. I had painted the original front design with acrylics. I was inspired by a Mexican tin art heart that David had gotten me right before I left for Costa Rica and by this beautiful invitation. We had it professionally scanned in and David’s best man added in the text (that we wrote with inspiration from Real Simple Weddings) to create the actual invite.  The return address stamp was designed by me and made by this Etsy seller. I also drew a fun map by hand and colored it in with colored pencils. That was also scanned in and reproduced. My aunt has whimsically fun handwriting, so she graciously addressed all of them for us.

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the thank you card and a big “gracias” to everyone who helped out!
oh yes, one more thing. I got a cheap papermache M from Michaels and painted it in the same style as the invitations. It was on the guest book table and now it is in our kitchen on our cabinent full of Latin American art.

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