Screen printed poppy skirt

In my last post, I shared my screen printed tank. That same night, I screenprinted on to some knit fabric that I sewed into a perfect California Spring hiking skirt. I had to wear it on our trip to the Lancaster poppy fields, of course.
IMG_0120 IMG_0128

IMG_0135 IMG_0148 IMG_0176

Photo location: Lancaster poppy fields
Pattern: self made
Fabric: A grey stretch blend from Joann. I can’t find it online, but I just bought it a few weeks ago.
Outfit deets: top- Forever 21, similar here; hiking sandals- Teva, necklace- a crystal and shell from a local shop/beach

Frida skirt and hand screenprinted tank

IMG_9629Since I am an art teacher without a formal art degree, I decided that I should take some community college art classes. While walking to my classes, I pass the fashion design studio and get all dreamy eyed staring in at all the sewing machines and dress forms. This semester, I found a short term, once a week class textile design course, so I decided to take it. It was too much going to class 3 nights a week for 3.5 hours each and the course wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I still got to try out some cool techniques, like screen printing. I found a California poppy clip art online and drew out a simplified version to print. I printed some on jersey for a skirt and on to thin cotton for this tank. I didn’t have enough of the cotton to make the back of the tank and the only other white material I had laying around was this cheap Ikea lace curtain, so that’s what I used for the back. The pattern is the free Colette Sorbetto. I needed to add 2 inches to the length and made the scoop neck slightly lower, but it is a good basic pattern.
IMG_9658The skirt material is from Alexander Henry and I bought it at Michael Levine’s in LA. I had intended for it to be a quick and easy sewing project, hence the gathered waist and elastic band, but then decided that a scalloped edge was a must. I didn’t really have the time at the moment,but I’m glad I finally sewed a scalloped edge after wanting to try it for so long. It was a bit slow, but pretty simple with this tutorial.






Nautical embroidered sweatshirt

My mom has gotten big into embroidery over the past few years and has quite a collection of Sublime Stitching patterns. Last summer, I wanted an easy travel craft since we were taking so many road trips, so I borrowed the pin ups pattern. I embroidered an Everlane sweatshirt and I really love the quirkiness of it, despite my inability to stitch a non-wonky face. On our drive home from camping today, I dreamed up a design, so I think I’ll get another Everlane sweatshirt and make another. (I excited about it- it is a mash up of my two favorite Cali state symbols- poppies and the grizzly).