Boozy Root Beer Float

After the bar cart was assembled, we went on a drinking blitz. By blitz, I mean that we each had one drink a night for maybe a week. Then I remembered that I can’t drink that often and returned to the drink a week that I’m used to. However, having it all out and visible has inspired to me to try some of the cocktails from my boozy pin board or try to recreate drinks that we’ve had out. We’ve had a few winners so far: Thyme Gin Lemonade, Habanero Cucumber Lime Margarita, Curried Mango Rum, and the Boozy Root Beer Float. 

The first drink we made after we got the bar cart was this fun concoction from A Beautiful Mess. Turns out, I find it was better without the whisky. I picked up some  Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur at BevMo, IBC root beer, vanilla ice cream, and whipping cream. I tried two different versions. Each one had root beer liqueur and root beer (equal parts or to taste). Then I added vanilla ice cream to one and a few ounces of whipping cream to the other- both delicious. The ice cream version is more fun, but the whipping cream version is easier to drink and not as sweet. Both were delightful!

Speaking of root beer. I am on a quest for the perfect root beer. I like it spicy and not too sweet. Any suggestions? I’ve tried Sprecher and another one that I’m blanking on right now. There is a cool beer shop near to us (Bottle Craft) that has a great selection of root beers. I’m buying one each time we’re in the area and hoping that one of them will be that dream root beer that I am sure exists.


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