I don’t always drink beer…

and when I do it, it is so rarely Dos Equis. But I do enjoy commercials with the Most Interesting Man in the World.


I posted a picture of my new {empty} bar cart on Instragram a few weeks ago. It is finally stocked and ready to be enjoyed.

Somehow kegs of Natural Ice at house parties in college turned me onto beer. It was all I would drink for years (to be clear, good beer, not Natty Ice), then slowly we started keeping wine at home and somehow we amassed quite a collection of liquor. Our liquor was kept high above the sink. Not that big of a deal, considering that we didn’t often drink it, but I’ve been craving a bar cart recently. When I found this one at Ikea, I knew that it was just meant to be. It is small, on wheels, and fits a small space next to our couch, where the kitchen and living room meet.

It has three levels. We have the liqueur on the top, bar tools, mixers, coasters, and napkins on the middle, and fruit and the ice holder on the bottom. It’s the perfect size for everything that we already had.

because up next is a fun cocktail recipe.


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