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Halloween: Robot


Halloween is my favorite, favorite, favorite holiday. I’ve always wanted to make a costume for J, but it just never happened. Finally I got lucky. He wanted a robot, an idea that we were both incredibly excited for… so much possibility of creativity in a robot. Though I love the look of the classic cardboard box robot costume, I wanted him to actually be able to move. I
 decided on taping 3 piece of craft foam together lengthwise so that it add body to the costume but the foam is flexible, so he could move around. I cut it a bit shorter so that he could sit down with it on and I added straps made out of foam so he could slip the whole thing over his head like a shirt. I also cut half circles from under the armpits so that the whole thing could go higher up on his chest. From there, we just let our imaginations run. This costume took days of work, but it was pretty cheap to create ($20ish). Large sheets of foam are less than a dollar at Michaels. One can of spray paint got everything silver. He wore a grey long sleeved shirt that he already owned. I already had the silver face paint and bought a can of silver hair spray. I already had all of the puffy paint colors and the brad for the energy gauge. His silver shoulder pads and silver pants and the silver flap on his back were all taken from his knight costume from the year before. All of the lights came from the dollar store, except the battery pack string of lights, which I got for maybe $3 at Michaels.

silver face paint and silver hair spray

Lights that you can press from the front are the best because they are the easiest to turn on. The little string of lights and the orange light both had switches in the back so I had to cut a whole in the back of the costume and you had to slide your hand up to turn it off. I put another piece of felt on the inside of the costume to cover up the batter pack and wires so that he wouldn’t pull them out by accident when putting it on. I taped all of the wires down in the back as well to keep them from sliding out of the little holes. Clearly, the bolts fell off easily. I should have used stronger glue than a glue gun to get them to stick better. Nothing else fell off. The black marker on the battery gauge moved, which J loved, because when he got tired, he could move it to red. When he was full of energy, it was on green.

to make the raised letters, I puffy painted “JACKOBOT 6000” 3 times to make the letters really high, waiting between each coat for it to dry. Then I spray painted the whole thing silver to make it look like raised metal letters. The serial number is his birthday and the ‘6’ in ‘6000’ was his age at the time.

the back- this was a very fun feature. The flap was also left over from his knight costume from last year. “In the event of an EMERGENCY LIFT FLAP”

I got this doorbell from the dollar store. It let out a very loud doorbell ring when you hit the red button. J would go into automatic shut down mode if someone pressed it- he would slowly bend over at the hips with his arms drooping. It was excellent. I am hoping to someday get a video of it and but it on here.

doing the robot. he LOVED the silver pants- also left over from last year’s costume.

glowing from all of his lights.

and glowing in the dark- it is a pretty safe costume for walking the streets!

with his family


the robot costume creators!
and our going out dancing costumes- I was a butterfly with Dollar Store wings, a dress that I added tulle and ribbon to, & lots of glitter makeup and David was Twitter.


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