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"your perfect day" gift idea

I couldn’t think of anything special to get for my nephew for Christmas, so I told David that I was just going to give him a card saying something like, “this is good for one dinner and activity date with David and Tessie!” David suggested to make it look like the menu at the build you own burger place, The Counter. I typed up the menu in Word and went on and to download all of the fun fonts. I was able to find something that matched almost every item. It took a long time to download all of the fonts, but I think that it was worth it for the final product. Also, though a ton was planned, it ended up not being to expensive. We only paid for the activity and dinner and lunch. Everything else was something that we already had at home.

The outcome was this and it is too great not to share:

the front cover



the instruction page


the menu- part 1



 Soccer at the park
Do a science experiment
Paint the big train
Make a mosaic
Sloppy Joes made fresh by David

Going out:
The movies
Tide pools
Boomers- mini golf
Nickel City
Jump House
Ice skating
Laser tag
Go to the aquarium
Swim at the pool
Go to the train museum

(ones to possible add for next year- all day fun pass at the Mission Beach, ride the wave pool at Mission Beach, go to Build-A-Bear)

the menu- part 2


Corvette Diner
Point Loma Seafood
Station Tavern
Hot Cocoa bar
Ice Cream Sundaes
Indoor s’mores
(to add for next year- your favorite treat, _____________, made by Tessie; go out to ice cream at Cold Stones)


You pick! Anything! Your choice! _________________________
French Toast with bacon
Pancakes with bacon
Mini waffles with bacon
One Eyed Jacks
A Donut
your  choice: _____________________


it was all slide into this folder. we had the paper and the scrapbooking stickers already and I sewed the edges together with my sewing machine)
We actually did this this weekend. It was all very successful until about 11:30. We super planned and J went to bed late last night and woke up early this morning, which made for a very crabby little boy at lunch time. Next time, we’ll skip the activity and be certain not to have anything planned for the morning, except breakfast at home. I’ll post the outcome of the Perfect Day in another post.
I just saw this link today- more ideas for good gift ideas that are not toys.
Happy 2013!

3 thoughts on “"your perfect day" gift idea

  1. What a great gift for a kid! I heard about this idea before but have never seen such a nice and well put together menu of the “perfect day”. I wish my boys will get such a gift some day. We don't have any family living close to us but I'll probably ask the boys' god parents to come up with a “perfect day” plan and I'll make sure to send them the link to your post.


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