1920s, costume

1920s event

My mom told me about a fun 1920s event in the City of Industry (Los Angeles). David and I rushed to come up with costumes so we could go. I have a night time 20s costume, but I wanted a daytime look. Some how I remember this random pink dress that my mom had given me for my sewing box. I think it was my cousin’s from the 80s. It had a bubble hemline so I cut that out to make it knee length appropriate for the 20s. I found the most perfect champange colored 20s/30s style shoes with Nordstoms Rack for only $17. I was super excited for that amazing find!I twisted my hair up to make it short and wore dark eye makeup and dark lipstick in a cupid’s bow (you cover the corners of your mouth with concelear, draw your lips in above and below your lip line but not all the way out to the corners. David kept it simple with suspenders but wore shorts because of this never ending heat wave.


Next up- Costumes and such from the Homestead Museum’s 20s event (well, after some Halloween decorations).


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