Sweet, sweet summer: Two

Part 2 of summer fun. I got  a little picture happy so there will be a part 3.

married friends

cBc (my girls from high school) celebrating a wedding

silly husbands

summer entertaining in our back yard

matching aprons from David’s dad

a fun, swanky event that we got to go to for David’s mom’s conference

hiking Torrey Pines

diggin’ and buildin’


found balloons

lots of toe nail painting

visiting with one of my sweet students from the Bay when his family took a trip to Disneyland

a quick stop off to Huntington

date night at the Whaley House

Jack made me a Build A Bear- I waited outside during the process and Caroline got these pictures- 1st choosing the clothes.

dressing her

speaking sweet words into the speaker box-” I love you Tessie, You’re the best auntie in the whole world.”- melt my heart

making a wish

and the big reveal

her name is Rainbow Bear. she is wearing a sequin tank with skinny jeans and glitter shoes. fab.

dippin’ dots

Jack slept with her the first night to fill her with love for when I missed him.

drawing class with Jack- he drew the one on the left and step by step explained how I should draw mine (on the right). yes, it is a glass of red wine

we made quite a few star wars paper flyers

tent time

swim lessons

“For those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you should be, you can be grateful and easy with no eyes on you.” –Kinfolk Summervideo


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