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Sweet, sweet summer: One

I intended this to be posted on my last day of summer, but I was a bit busy with lesson planning. And there are far too many pictures, so I think that I’ll need to divide it up.
All good things must end. Like this sweet, sweet summer. It was blissful and perfect. Not long enough for me to finish my to do list (but I’m fairly I could never work another day in my life and keep myself busy every single day).
One of my favorite bloggers (seriously, beautiful photos and sweet writings), Katie from Katie’s Pencil Box, summed up summer 2012 perfectly, “we’ve fallen into a summer pace around here…meeting together lots of goings on’s with laid back feet up bits.”

So, a little scrapbook of the summer going on’s:

Bachelorette Party for my sweet friend in downtown San Diego.

A lot of summer was spent with this little one- doing science experiments.

and lots of face painting.

and watching Jack’s water sports camp.

petting cousin’ Natalie’s horse.

face paint with friends


Padres and Rangers

making a wish for our 1st anniversary


my cousin’s bachelorette in Vegas

the bull riders

check that off the bucket list

a guy in the pool in Vegas was carrying around a bottle of nail polish (IN the pool), walking around painting girls’ ring fingers with glitter to make ‘party nails’ (again, IN the pool)

more time with Jack, now at Balboa Park…
…after Anthropology camp- this is an Egyptian scarab

a Zoo train ride, for old times sake

playing with the beer (or soda) machine. it never gets old. it’s a toy that people of all ages seem to love.
more face paint- he is supposed to be some Star Wars character (I think)

food experimentation- chocolate ice cream with graham crackers, marshmallows and cinnamon hot gummy bears

To be continued…

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