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Outfit Post: Sea World Summer

David and I went to Sea World two weeks ago to fit in all of the summer shows that we had not seen yet. Except the day time Shamu show. We find the Shamu shows to be awfully cheesy with far too many bad 90s graphics and cheesy songs and far too little of showcasing orcas. Anyone agree with us? Anyway, we managed to fit in the day time Seamore and Clyde, Cirque de la Mer, & the Dolphin show. I also rode Manta (David declined). It was really fun, but I had to just sit still for 20 minutes after. Rollercoasters do not agree with me. And, I spent a fair amount of time petting the manta rays. Most people know that I am not a big fan of pets, but I LOVE sharks and rays (and elephants, but those aren’t a Sea World). I was lucky enough to swim with sharks and rays in Belize and hope to do it again some day. The rays were so loving this day at Sea World. A couple big ones stopped right in front of me for a few minutes at a time for a little back rub. I could pet rays for hours. On the topic of being fairly certain that I will never have a pet (I would be okay with something in a tank- snake, turtle, frogs but I feel too nomadic to take care of something), the Pets Rule show at Sea World is fantastic. I would have never gone except we took Jack one day and he really wanted to see it. It really is the best show at Sea World right now, and coming from me, that’s saying something.
First the outfit:
I was hoping to get away with wearing a regular bra the same color as my tank. Clearly, I failed.
so the straps got tucked in. It was crazy super hot, so we shared a super cute Shamu ice cream bar. yummy yum!

with one of my sweet friends

outfit details: hat: Target (gift), flip flops: Reefs, top: Pink Zone, watch: Brighton (gift), bracelet: Tiffanys (gift) & silver bangle from Mexico (gift), necklace: Macy’s brand (on a super discount), belt: F21 (the best place to buy belts- big selection for far cheaper than other places, including Target), skirt: made by me, glasses: Guess

A whale at the dolphin show


look down in the left corner of the pool- there’s Clyde! He refused to do anything he was supposed to do. He got in a fight with Seamore and even stole the coke can from Opi. He was so bad that they cut the show 15 minutes short. They asked every to exit to the top because he wouldn’t go in, but of course they didn’t listen. Security guards lined the pool so that people wouldn’t get too close to him. It was quite a sight.

David was chosen to be a pre show perfomer at Cirque de la Mer and he was an excellent sport!

David and I practiced doing feats like this in the pool in Sequoia. Just you wait, next summer we’ll get a gig in a Sea World show 😉

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