fashion bloggers

I just realized that my favorite fashion blogs feature styles that not quite different from mine. I find style blogs of people who dress similar to me to be boring, though I like their outfits. I love fashion blogs. They’re a good way to spark some creativity in the way you put together an outfit, by taking elements you like or to use as inspiration, not to take literally.

80s floral explosion- not for me yet it’s perfect.
Keiko Lynn

I am quite certain that you will never see me in a belly peeking wolf t-shirt, but she always looks so adorable.
  Sincerely, Kinsey

The moral of the story: find your style, wear it confidently. Even if someone thinks that your style is quirky, they’ll likely admire that “somehow, you just pull it off.”

P.S. I am so tired right now- the school year is already kicking my butt and it’s been a fairly easy start. I need sleep, stat. I can’t make any coherent sense with words anymore.


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