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Lighting up the Kitchen: Monte Cristo

So I told some people that I had given up on my allergy diet free of wheat, dairy, eggs, shellfish, soy and nuts because I got off of it for a week while vacationing and I didn’t feel a big difference. After three weeks now, I have gone back to being itchy and needing copious amounts of sleep, so back to the allergy diet I will go. But, we are going camping next week and I started to purchase foods that I wasn’t eating, so I decided that I have a week and a half left of eating as I please. Then, as soon as I start work again, back to eating the way I should. So, I decided to eat foods that I have been wanting to try in the meantime. I bought Noosa yogurt at Sprouts. It’s the best yogurt of my life. It tastes like heavy whipping cream with berries. It is not sweet, but not tart and tastes fresh and really and amazing. I highly recommend it. And, I have wanted to try a Monte Cristo sandwich ever since my last visit to New Orleans Square in Disneyland. It sounds so strange, but it looked so good. So here you go, photo directions of a Monte Cristo!
Layer turkey, ham and swiss cheese between two slices of white bread. Random note- I am not a huge fan of ham lunch meat but this stuff from Sprouts is pretty good.

Put toothpicks in the sandwich, diagonally. Melt a stick of butter on low heat. *1 stick was definitely enough for 2 sandwiches and probably enough for 3. I put it in a small pan so it would go up higher. I did this instead of the 1 qt of oil suggested in the original recipe.

Mix 2/3 cup flour, scant 2 tsp of baking powder, a little salt and a little pepper. I considered not adding the pepper but in the end, I liked the tiny hint of flavor it gave.

beat 2/3 cup water with 1 egg and then slowly pour into the flour mixture, mixing as you pour.

dip sandwich in the batter. The batter was thick and looked a bit like a thick white gravy. The original recipe said that this was enough batter for 4 sandwiches. I don’t thick it would have coated more than 2.5, so double it if you want four sandwiches. I hadn’t halved it in the first place because it doesn’t take too many ingredients and I didn’t feel like trying to halve an egg.

fry up one side in the hot butter (I turned it up to medium-high when cooking).

flip to the other side when browned to your liking. This was David’s. I cooked mine a bit longer- I like my food crisper.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with a jam. We had blackberry.

The verdict:


That was David’s plate. He loved it and devoured it. I ate half of mine and said that I never needed to have another one. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. So, it was fun to make, relatively easy and different, so it’s worth a try. Maybe you’ll like it!


3 thoughts on “Lighting up the Kitchen: Monte Cristo

  1. lj says:

    My husband loves these sandwiches too, but a bite or two is enough for me. I love your recipes — I'm following your blog now. Thanks for sharing!


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