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La Jolla & Outfit post: colorful Malaysia

I bought this skirt at the indoor market in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia during our honeymoon last summer. I had not worn it much because it was so long, but I finally hemmed it up! Caroline and I had just gotten our hair done in La Jolla for our cousin’s wedding and David had watched Jack at Children’s Pool in La Jolla. We met up with them afterwards and then David and I picked up some yummy Smashburger (my favorite burger joint!) for a picnic on the cliffs after they left. Yummy Yum!


scrunchy face

A cute cafe (that I have been to and has great food but I cannot remember the name of unfortunately) has a wall of hanging herbs. I loved the idea.

very twirly

so fun to swish about, though it is pretty heavy

it’s like wearing a giant beautiful blanket

the front half is beaded.

details: top: Pink Zone, skirt: bought in Malaysia, necklace: I think I bought it in Costa Rica


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