My first real dress

I love dresses. I have summer dresses, winter dresses, work dresses, Vegas dresses, a few fancy dresses, beach cover up dresses. Dresses, dresses, dresses. On my summer list was to make a dress. I bought the pattern in January and had yet to make it. My cousin got married yesterday and I decided that her rehearsal dinner was the perfect reason to get myself to make it. At the dinner, I was talking to her friends and mentioned that I have probably 20 dresses and I need to stop shopping and tell myself that if I want something new, I have to make it. They joked that why would I need to make more dresses if I already own so many. Good point, but I do love my dresses and it is so satisfying to make something on your own. (I just checked. I own 27 dresses + 2 bridesmaid dresses that are rewearable for a fancy occasion. zoinks!). I just reread that last sentence. I could wear a different dress everyday for nearly a straight month. I need to remind myself of that the next time I find a beautiful dress.

Anyway, all this rambling (I can’t help it, I am exhausted and keep mixing my words up) leading up to my new dress. It is the first time that I have ever installed a zipper, put in a french seam. I would recommend the pattern, but you have to print it from the internet and it’s about 30 pages that you then have to trim and tape together exactly right, before you even cut the pattern. It took me about 3 hours from printing to just cutting out my size. I really recommend never buying a pattern that you have to print out unless you love to cut and do puzzles.

sometime after midnight- the pattern has been trimmed and taped.

my cousin lives on the ranch- hence the background

about 3/4 of circle skirt

bracelet from my nana and papa for my undergrad graduation in 2004 and the watch was a gift from my parents for the same. the last time that I spent one on one time with my papa was that weekend

I’m off to Joann’s now. Today is the last day of their 25% off your entire purchase sale. I just got this and I want to go fabric shopping for all of the patterns! (and for fabric to make a repeat of this dress. I am dreaming up a Christmas version)
p.s. I’ve only skimmed through the book and I have not yet used any of the patterns, but thus far I am very impressed. If you are interested in making clothes, this is the most detailed book for beginners (on needle size, types of fabrics, fitting, details, etc) that I have ever seen. I’m excited to make dresses number 28 & 29! 


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