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Outfit Post: All the Glittters

…is not gold. All that glitters is sequins! Or glitter. Speaking of glitter, I missed the late 90s when glitter could be counted as makeup. The good ol’ days.

Back to the topic at hand. I had two bachelorette parties to go to this summer and wore the same dress to each (two weekends in a row). How dare she!? I have this bad habit of not wanting to wear the same fancy dresses often. And it’s black-ish. Not a color I wear much and not a color I like to wear to fancy events, because of the prevalence of black. But, one of the parties was supposed to be bride wears white and everyone else wears black. So I found this dress many months ago at the Express after winter sale and new that sequins would make black bearable for me. I really love this dress. Comfortable, sexy but not risque, and of course, sequins. I styled it differently for each bachelorette (more classic for downtown San Diego with red and more fun with neon for the one in Vegas).

 San Diego

look at that view! The hotel room was incredible.

with my sister

my girl power super hero bracelet
half moon nails (with a party cup I made- more on decorations at a later date)

cousins & the only picture I could find with my shoes

my belt was DIY. I found a cheap primary yellow belt for $3. I took some neon yellow nail polish and painted about 5 coats on it until I got it a nice bright yellow. Nail polish can be a great diy tool.

details: dress- Express
SD: purse- ?? it’s pretty old, shoes- Nina (my most comfortable pair of fancy heels), bracelets/earrings- Forever 21, hair feathers- small craft store in Berkeley, nail polish- Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Crimson Diamond (I have had this for many years and it is still my favorite and works great), lipstick- Maybelline 14 hour in Ravishing Rouge
Vegas: belt- Pink Zone in PB painted with Milani Neon Totally 80’s nail polish, shoes- Kelly & Katie, Earrings/Bracelet- Forever 21, Nails- Milani Neon Totally 80’s & NYC West Village, bridesmaid button- made by me (more on that later)


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