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outfit post: desert beauty

 David and I headed to Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas on our first night of our Vegas trip. We wish that we had more time to enjoy it, but as far as visiting it in mid July, we were probably there at the perfect time. We got there an hour before sunset and the sun was dipping so quickly behind the mountains that the shadows changed every few seconds in the photos behind us. The light over the desert in magical. We stayed at the Palms one night and we were fairly high up. The mountains seems to surround all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Every few hours, the mountains would appear to be a different color, from reds and oranges to blues, depending on where the sun was in the sky. I think I could live there. I love the dry heat and the mountains were inspiring yet relaxing.

So I wore my favorite new skirt. I had imagined it against the empty desert expanse and it was just as I visualized. The skirt was on clearance at Nordstrom’s Rack ($10!). It was so long that I cut about a foot off of it. It ended up a bit shorter than I wanted, but it’s fine. And the top is my favorite new tube top from Pink Zone in PB ($6!). It’s so comfy yet pretty that I also got it in black. We were shopping at Whole Foods for picnic food before heading to Red Rock and I woman quickly pushed her cart past me and whispered, “you look so chic and stunning,” from behind me. I’ve been called stunning twice in my life by strangers- both women, which probably makes it not creepy, (and it doesn’t count when David says it). It’s not a word you hear too often so it sticks with you and makes you feel, I don’t know, something nice.

Top- Pink Zone, Skirt- Nordstrom’s Rack, Sandals- custom made in Vietnam, bracelets- Forever 21, Earrings- Betsey Johnson


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