Polka Dot Jeans!


 saw some polka dot skinny jeans at Anthropologie about a month ago and it was love at first sight. But, my fickle heart did not love them enough to pay $178 for such a simple design.

I had a pair of jeans that I rarely wear, so I decided to make them over.
 I bought dark blue Rit dye and dyed them a darker shade of blue. I guess I didn’t mix it enough, because they didn’t turn out super even, but they are more even than they were before and I figured the dots would be eye catching enough that the color variation wouldn’t be too obvious.

Then I took some white, matte acrylic paint that I already had and a pencil with an unused eraser. I started with the inside of the waist band to get some practice. It was pretty easy and each dip in the paint made about two good dots. I didn’t get too much paint on the eraser, except if I was painting over a seam and then it needed a thicker coat of paint.

I did all of the front and then flipped over to the back when it was dry. The paint was thin enough that it only took maybe an hour to dry. Then I hemmed them because at some point I had cut these short (I’m not sure why), but hemming only took 5 minutes.
And now, trendy polka dot jeans that cost me about $3 for the dye and about 2 hours to make (without having to dye and hem them, they would have taken under an hour) and everything else I already had. I saved: $175!


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