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Let’s be honest, the only time I ever go out to a club is for a bachelorette party and maybe for a random birthday party. I have fun dancing but I’m really not a stay up super later kind of person. We went to Fluxx in San Diego for my friend’s bachelorette and I was in love. The cocktail waitresses wore bathing suits, which was random, but they were adorable and not to risque. And the decor was incredible. I spent awhile walking around taking pictures of walls and installations hanging from the ceiling. Apparently the decor changes every season or so. It would be amazing to watch their design team. I’ve never seen a club put so much detail into the appearance. I am dying to go back in a few months to see what it looks like next. The music was great too- a good mix from the 90s and early 2000 mixed with stuff from today. I also appreciated that the DJ didn’t talk. The last time I went to a club in SD, the DJ screamed, ‘What the F— is up San Diego?” after ever song.
These pictures are not the best quality because I used my little camera that doesn’t work so well in the dark. They show the ambiance well enough though.

sparklers came out with bottle service. the bathing suits with tribal esque with neon fringe along the front

feathers hanging from the ceiling


installation over bar area





over another bar- lights and sheer fabric

someone else getting bottle service

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