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Tattoo reveal!

So, pictures of my tattoo. I got the tattoo on the five year anniversary of my accident. A small brown bird landed on a branch or the rock above us (the detail is fuzzy, the feeling is not). Though I was not scared during the hours of trying to survive, I remember such a feeling of peace come over me when the little bird landed and sang us a song in the pouring rain. I knew that whether I lived or died, I would be okay. A week or so after my accident, a few people from my school went to get tattoos that said “Pura Vida.” I always thought about this particular tattoo after that. Every year, around July 8th, I would consider getting it.
This year was finally the year. I went to Buju Tattoo, in Mission Hills. It is a beautiful place- pale blue with lots of plants and quirky art. The place has great reviews on yelp, but for all of the women artists. The only man who works there did my tattoo and he was super inappropriate and hit on me throughout the entire session (though David was there). It took about two hours. It was more painful than I was expecting. I read ahead of time that it takes a lot out of you to get a tattoo, that you feel like you just got a work out. No kidding. I was sweating like crazy and my muscles were so tense for the full two hours that I was exhausted afterwards. I was also so disappointed that it was a creepy experience and left wishing that I had never gone.
Thankfully, I woke up feeling relaxed and grateful that the healing was not painful and I now really like it. I got it across my ribs because I originally was scratched up there from being pulled up the cliff when I was being saved. I also like the ribs because it seems like the easiest to hide place and really it was more for me than to show the world (though I will be showing you all here!).

See? serious potential for an awesome experience.

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And here it is!


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