Outfit Post: Summer Date Day

I realize that no one (except you, Kira!) comments on here, but I was expecting some comments when I said that I got a tattoo. I realize that many people have at least one, but it was extremely monumental (and slightly emotional) to me. Anyway, it seems to be healing well. David and I had a date day for free museums at Balboa Park (Museum of Photographic Arts and San Diego History Museum) so he got some pictures of it.

A note on the museums. I am not super into the main MOPA exhibit right now. It is about Jazz in the 50s or 60s and I didn’t find the pictures super stunning. The artist did do a series of pictures where he took pictures out of his 4th story window of people shopping on the street below him. The concept is a bit creepy, but it made for some neat pictures of everyday life. The other exhibit was on photos of home life from a variety of artists. I enjoyed it, but wished that some of the photos had descriptions.
The SDHM was more interesting than I was expecting. It may have been interesting because I am a San Diego native and it was neat to read about the people who’s names grace our city. I love Old Town and really enjoyed the old pictures of Old Town and the Bandini family.

And a note of my skirt. I bought this skirt in Vietnam 4 years ago. I was in Sapa (a bit out of the way but I HIGHLY recommend it if you ever go to Vietnam. I also highly recommend Vietnam- probably my favorite country I have ever been to). Anyway, I was at the market and it was full of these skirts in all different colors. I choose the one that I wanted to and brought it to the man, fully prepared to bargain him down (I have to talk myself into bargaining, though I am surprisingly decent at it for hating confrontation like situations). So, I ask him how much and he tells me 60,000 dong. I asked him to repeat himself, because I didn’t believe the price. The same price came out of his toothless mouth- 60,000 dong. I handed over the money and took my skirt because I was not going to bargain down a toothless man to sell me a skirt for less than $3. Yep, THREE dollars. Best deal ever and one of my most favorite pieces of clothing ever- both for the story and the beautiful colors and for the fact that I have never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world and it is incredible comfortable and fun to wear. Yep, all of those reasons. One more thing, I’m pretty proud of my hair here- a mini pouf with maiden braids. Fancy! And another thing, the earrings were a bit of DIY, I’ll do a separate post on that.
Okay, I made you think that the tattoo would be in this post, but it is already long enough- next one!

David was a good sport, but was over pictures by this one. You’d think he’d be used to it by now!
Details: Skirt- from Vietnam, tank- Target, earrings- gift/DIY, sandals- Payless, glasses- Guess, Bracelets- Vietnam, Thailand, Brighton Collectibles

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