Double Looker 1

When my sister and I were younger, we would call a good looking guy a “double looker” because he was worth a second look. So, I’ve decided to rename my “what I love” posts to “double looker” because it’s much more fun.

Have you seen this photo yet? This man was a truck driver for 30 years so the left side of his face got more sun than the right- scares you into wearing sunscreen, yes?
Garden Couture at Dior– stunning. This video inspired me to make one of these posts.
You’ll never see me post a picture of a cute baby cat or dog, but baby elephants are fair game.
An Ode to Summer. another sweet video.
Pantone sweets. Delightful edible.
Black and white studio.
I’ve been into bright nailpolish, even blues (though I swore I would never wear blue nailpolish because I hated it in the 90s). Who knew it’s been around for so long?
Beautiful Frida.
And another powerful photo to end this post. My heart stops a bit everytime I see it. I tried to find the original source, but coud not. If someone knows what it is, please let me know.


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