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red white & blue

I love red, white, and blue together. I think they are such a great combo, I can see why so many countires have chosen them to be on their flag. Though one would think that these photos were taken on the fourth, since it is July, they are actually from Memorial Day. That is how far behind I am. Zoinks!

I have one of those little donuts that you put in your bun to make it fuller. I originally found a brunette one at Target but then I found a blond one at the H&M in Helsinki, Finland (because those Northern European girls are blonder and more fashionable than us in the ol’ US of A). I love the huge tall bun but it makes it hard to get out of the car. I don’t know how the girls in the 60s did it with those beehives. I’m constantly knocking my double decker bun into something. Ha! The chambray button down shirt is actually a dress from H&M. I had been wanting a chambray shirt and finally I realized that I could just tie my dress at the bottom and ta-da!- a shirt!

parade watching my little man in Kensignton
close up of my patriotic Betsey

home- I love our well loved, not perfect little neighborhood
Details: Tank: Forever 21; Shorts: Old Navy; Necklace: Betsey Johnson; Sunglasses: Target, Earrings: Payless Shoe Store; Chambray dress: H&M; Sandals- Payless Shoe Store; Bracelet- Betsey Johnson (but I am going to return it because so many charms fell off in only a few wearings)

And because the color scheme matches, here are some pics from the 4th. Jack’s friend wanted her face painted when we went to Legoland awhile back. I told her that I would buy a facepainting kit and paint their faces. Jack is loving that I own this. Out of the last 5 or so times I have seen him, he’s had his face painted 3 times. And it’s only $7 (with your 40% off coupon at Michaels) and seems like it will last for awhile.
Oh yes, and another double decker bun, this time wrapped in a bit of fabric.

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