Outfit post: Clickty Click

      This dress is a favorite from Target from last summer. It covers up nicely with a sweater for work and is great for a summer day or can hide leggings under the dress on a colder day. I also love that it is teal, purple and black because those are my school’s colors and were my favorite colors circa 1993. The necklace is Betsey, my fav, of course. Nordstrom’s Rack and Amazon are good places to get discounted Betsey, that is, if they continue to make it. The shoes are the most ridiculously comfortable shoes ever. They are cheapies from Payless but they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own (flats or heels) so I bought them in two more colors. They aren’t the cutest, but I highly suggest them.
        I want all of my outfit posts to have a different background. We have a huge variety of yards and buildings to take pictures in front of within a mile of our home, but sometimes it seems like a lot of work to leave (because the timing has to be right for the natural lighitng), or there just isn’t enough time. This was one of those times, so this is a bit of our backyard. I love taking these photos because it forces me to examine my surroudings a bit better.
       Anyway, the bag in this post is super fantastic. It was embroidered by my mom and I L-O-V-E it! She is really into embroidery right now and has picked up a bunch of patterns from Sublime Stiching. When I post pictures from Vegas, I’ll post the one she made for that.

Dress- Target; Necklace- Betsey Johnson; Shoes- Payless Shoes; Headband- Dollar Tree; Glasses- Guess;  Nailpolish- Delphinium

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