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David’s mosaics

My husband, David, does mosaic photography, which as far as we know, is something that he made up. He takes photos that I have taken (typically from our trips around the world) and cuts them into hundreds or thousands (depending on the size) of pieces and then glues it back together.

He would love to do a show of photos from our honeymoon (Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) but the pieces would have to be framed and that would cost $2000+. So, in comes Kickstarter. For anyone familiar with, it is a similiar concept. Instead of teachers asking for money for a classroom project, it is artists asking for money to fund a project that they would like to create. David is trying to raise money for the frames through Kickstarter. He has $150 day donated so far, but only 15 more days to raise the rest of the money. If he doesn’t reach his limit, then he does not get anything. He has spent years making these, if you can, please support him! At least check out his sitehe made an awesome video of putting together a small mosaic (an 8×10), piece by piece. The 8×10 was 637 pieces!

Unfortunately, they are not nearly as stunning online as they are in person, but nonetheless, here are a few shots. See more at

Love Ride- Malaysia

Serragon Road- Singapore

Ignite- Thailand

the poster from David’s second show
an old bio (super old- girlfriend old!)
Cafe La Vie- David’s art adorning the walls
our save the dates- a picture from our engagement trip was scanned in and turned into postcards

Sorry for the blur, but this is David’s biggest piece- 4ft x 2ft. It was a collaboration with a professional photographer, Christopher Foster. I wanted to include it, but this was the only photo that I could find- it is currently on display in my parents front room. My dad loved it so much that he pulled it down the art over the couch and quickly replaced it with this.

Thanks for checking out his Kickstarter project (and sharing it with all your friends and hopefully donating). You are all the best!


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