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Dress refashion: from mother to daughter

A few months ago, my mom gave me this dress. It was her bridesmaid dress for my Aunt Shawn’s wedding.  There were 9 siblings all together and they were the two youngest girls and only 15 months apart, so they’ve always been close. They got pregnant at the same time (twice!), the first time resulting in my cousin, Natalie and me. Anyway, Natalie is getting married in August so I hosted her bridal shower (with immense help from my Nana and my mom in planning and the other bridesmaids for food/drinks/games). I was very excited to refashion my mom’s bridemaid dress for this party. So here are the afters. I always forget to take befores. I am hoping that my aunt will find photos from her wedding with my mom wearing this dress. If so, I’ll add those as the before. For now, this is what you get. The dress was originally below the knee with a high peter pan collar. The dress is unfitted, but meant to be belted (orginally it was tied with a lavendar sash). The sleeves are supposed to button, but my mom apparently had skinnier arms at about my age because I felt like my circulation was being cut off. I need to add a loop to the sleeve so that I can still connect the button.  My mom thinks that originally they wore a lavendar slip. The dress has tiny ruffles at the sleeves and two pleats on each side down the front torso and in down the back. It also buttons all the way down the back with clear flower buttons. It is quite pretty AND it was originally made by my aunt, which just makes it even more awesome.

To alter it, I cut the collar out to give it a scoop neck and cut the back into a low V and cut the front half of the skirt hemline to make it a high low. The fabric is so sheer that it lended itself perfectly to this style.  I wore a slip under it, but the slip that I happened to have (because I cut it out of another dress) is incredibly tiny so I need to find a longer one (so my aunt doesn’t tell me that I look “saucy”). The sleeves would slip too much when I wore it, so I added a ribbon and tied it into a bow at the top of the dress. Originally I just had the elastic at the bottom of the V but it didn’t do much- both for the fit and style. I meant to cut it out for these photos, but I forgot. Not to worry, it has now been cut out and now lays the way that it should.

dress: my mom’s from around 1980- refashioned by me; belt: Target; shoes: Payless Shoe Store; earrings: Forever 21; sunglasses: Target; nailpolish: Sally Hanson Mint Sorbet; bracelet: my mom’s, also probably from the 80s

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