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June Photo A Day: Week 2

Here’s week two of the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day challenge.
Six o’clock
David finishing up the lanterns for the bridal shower.  
Your view today
decorations by the door- ready to be set up in the morning
Best bit of your weekend
spending time with my Nana
AND celebrating this pretty lady and her impending nuptials
our house is old (though I have no idea how old). We have a little door grate that we can open to see who is there- which I only open if I know that it is someone I know because it is odd. we also have a mail slot.
from inside the house
 from outside the house (the lion head on the bottom is also a knocker)
 From a low angle
This picture was taken a few months ago, but I never took a picture from a low angle for this challenge, so this will do. I mean, I did lay on the ground in the dark to get this shot.
the gorgeous bag that my mom embroidered for me- more to come on that later
I love the time of day when I come home (before from work, now from just being out) and David comes out of the house to greet me at the car and to help me bring stuff in. I am one lucky lady.

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