Happy Father’s Day!

I tried to post this last night, but I was just too tired. We had my family over for a bar-b-que. We got a bbq a few weeks ago and David became a master bbq chef on the first day. He doesn’t like me to say that because he thinks that it sets the bar too high, but we’re now 4 for 4 and each time it has been cooked to perfection and tasted A-mazing!
My dad and I like to do mildly (or maybe moderately) adventurous things together- like kayaking, camping, hang gliding, and sky sailing. I saw this card at Papyrus and thought that it would be perfect for a mini scrapbook of a few of our adventures.

David, my master bbq chef!

My cherry limeade. This was pretty good and refreshing. I used about a cup of frozen cherries and a cup of Santa Cruz organic limeade (so not too sweet) and threw it in the blender. I poured that into the pitcher and then topped it off with more limeade. I was going for the Sonic limeade, but turns out that it is not at all healthy (shocker!!!). So, this was a healthy summer treat, not too sweet and refreshing. And such a pretty shade of red.

My sister went a little crazy with the pretty chalk that I found in my garage.

We both love rainbows. Someday I’ll throw a really great rainbow party.

And this picture is a throw back. When I first got my Mac, six years ago, I brought it to my parent’s house and was playing with Jack and the camera on the computer. Everyone sat around the computer to see the pictures so I snapped this one. Despite the terrible quality and the fact that we only fill half the frame, I really love this picture.

I hope that you all had a lovely Father’s Day!

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