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Summer fun: week 1

I’m one week deep into summer. We started out well- Legoland, dinner with friends, watched Jack at his swim lessons, Sea World and the fair, and hosted my cousin’s bridal shower at my Nana’s. Lots of pictures here 🙂 Except of the shower- I haven’t gone through those ones yet.

swim lessons

with my sister, Jack, Jack’s best friend and her mom

 Sea World
with my sister, Jack and David
We went to the new Manta. A few months ago, Jack and I went to Sea World to draw on a tablet in hopes that it would be chosen to be displayed in Manta. Mine was chosen 🙂 but we couldn’t find Jack’s 😦 We saw the dolphins during their play time. None of us had ever seen it. I was taking photos, but Jack, David and Caroline all got to play catch with the dolphins. It was pretty amazing to see.

Del Mar Fair
People always talk about eating their way through the fair- now I know what they mean. Between the 5 of us (my dad, sister, Jack and David), we had:

fried artichoke hearts


fried potato patties with cheese and ranch

fried avocado

Bloomin Onion

fried Klondike bar

and the best of them all- a GIANT maple donut covered in bacon. when they brought it out, I shouted “Oh my Lord!” and the cashier laughed at me. It was so amazing. I shared but could’ve eaten the whole thing. I’m still talking about it. I have been very tired and stuffy from eating all of the foods I am allergic too, but for this donut, it was well worth it!

me and a donut the size of my head. covered in thick maple frosting. and bacon. A-mazing.

Jack had a train custom cut for him at the woodworking station
I loved the colors of this against the grey sky. Turns out it used to be at Neverland Ranch.
A funny dog show. Though I freely admit to disliking animals, I have learned to love shows where animals do funny things. Only in person, youtube videos and pictures still are not cute. Jack absolutely loved this show.

Jack, Caroline and my dad all grinned through their entire elephant ride.

another animal favorite. every year we watch the pig races at the fair. a highly recommend them. we got there early to get a good seat. look at Jack’s concern that the pig we were rooting for would win.

may the fair be with you!
 Dinner at Fresco
I was quick to suggest Fresco (by Westview High) when going out to dinner with my girlfriends. This to die for pizza in front of me is vegan and gluten free. It was delightful!

Today we bought tickets to see PADRES vs RANGERS (we’re going to two games next week), took pretty outfit posts in Balboa Park of the dress I refashioned and went to David’s new church friends’ home for dinner and telephone pictionary (my new favorite game). Tomorrow, celebrating Nana’s 80th birthday!!! with brunch at Las Brisas (highly recommended if you ever visit Laguna Beach… gorgeous views)

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