Summer Summer Summer Time

As a kid, I never understood the question, “what is your favorite season?” There’s more than one possible answer to that question??? Of course, I (and every other kid I knew) chose summer. I liked school, but nothing beats hanging out in your bright 80s flower print bikini (the kind that are back in style) doing cartwheels in the lawn and walking to the library/pool/to buy ice cream at Rite Aid. During one of those walks to the library, I told my mom that I was going to ride my bike to high school everyday and swim before school so that I wouldn’t gain the wait that you inevitably gain in high school- apparently I wasn’t quite clear on what ‘freshman 15’ is. I’m also not sure why I was concerned about this. Sure, I would love to lose 10 pounds most days, but I’ve never been one to care much about my weight. Anyway, back to biking and swimming before school everyday- most certainly, neither of those things ever happened. One season of marching band, one season of tennis, two seasons and cheerleading and four seasons of gymnastics seemed quite enough. And who in their right mind would ride their bike to school up a long hill when your parents paid for you to ride the bus.
Anyway, a huge tangent-filled intro to my list of what to do this summer. As a teacher, people always ask what your summer plans are and with me, expect I will answer some exotic locale. Though that is often true, my summer plans for this summer are to craft a lot, cook good food, organize and spend a lot of time with family. And I’m really looking forward to all of it. Last summer we moved across the state, found new jobs, got married and took a month long honeymoon. We returned the day before work started, jumped into a crazy school year, found a new house, moved again from my parent’s/storage lot to our new home and then took another two week international trip in the middle of the school year. All mostly great things, but huge and exhausting things. So, I need to just be. But not be lazy. I fear that I will come to the end of the summer and be disappointed because I feel like I squandered my days away on Pinterest and the crafting/DIY/fashion blogs that I love so much. So, here I am, trying to ensure that that won’t happen. I present, my


All things that I want to accomplish/experience in the next two months. I will cross them out on here as I do them so I feel that my summer is complete. But only fun things were allowed, so I can remember all of the fun. In addition to the list of unplanned events below, I also have a wedding to attend, one to be in, one downtown San Diego bachelorette party, one Vegas bachelorette party, my Nana’s 80th birthday to celebrate and another trip to Vegas with David to celebrate our one year anniversary. All in all, it should be a fabulous summer. Here’s hopin’.

Sew dress
Sew lavender paper bag skirt
Sew patches on backpack
Fixing clothes
Repaint shelf
Honeymoon book
Europe trip book
Jack’s photo book from 3-6 years old
Nicaragua blog
Christmas cards
Wall quote
Decorate blown Easter eggs
Paint bedroom frames purple
Make clocks
Hang lanterns
Take 1 year anniversary photos in our home
Embroidered a hoop with our names for our bedroom
Sew a cover for my sewing machine
start on decorations for 30th birthday party


Make carnitas
Make ice cream
Make a bombe with my homemade ice cream
Lemon curd
Make cedar plank bbq salmon
Make a pork loin that is NOT over cooked!
Make recipe I learned in Vietnam
Find a GOOD vegan caramel recipe
Make recipes that we learned in Thailand


Hollywood day- Pinks
SD Fair
Whaley House
Go to a water park
Padres vs. Rangers!
Lots of trips to Sea World
Lots of trips to the beach
Walk little Italy
Lips with my aunt
Star of India
Bike in Coronado
Take Jack to the JA Cooley Museum
William Heath Davis House in Gaslamp

Tuesday free museums
Change name

Living room display- travel finds
Organize craft room
Sell tile numbers on Craigslist
Blog at least 3 times per week
Yoga at least 3 times per week


Prep Flat Stanley
Country powerpoints
Olympics curriculum

P.S. I have expanded my views on, “what is your favorite season?” In addition to summer, fall tops the list- because of my birthday and Halloween- again a very childlike answer that I am proud to admit.


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