Days 6: Stockholm part 2

There are 50 bridges in Stockholm. A third of the city is water, a third is greenery and, a third are buildings. However, you don’t feel so surrounded by the water when you are here. After city hall (from Stockholm Part 1), we went to see the Wasa ship museum. Before we went in, the guide said that we would feel like Johnny Depp was going to jump out at us, which I just thought sounded silly. Hoeever, she wss totally right. You wslk into this musrum snd there is a HUGE ship and you do feel like pirates are going to jump out at uou. It was not a pirate ship though. In 1628, Sweden built a boat, I think just to show other countries thst yhey hsd this big boat. Wives and children of the sailors eere on it until thry reached the end of the archipelago and then they were going to pick up more sailors. Twenty minutes out to see, it sunk.This probably happened because towards the end of construction. the king demsnded that another layer of cannons be added. 50 of150 drowned because though they lived by water, the couldn’t swim. After 300 years under water, someone decided to pullip the wreckage. Then they built something around the boar (in the water) and then dredged the water out. So, the museum now stands at the edge of yhe harbor, but now with a building built around it. It was broken up and they say yhat it was the worlds largest jigsaw puzzle. The museum is six or seven stories.. On each story, you can walk around a different layer of ship. It was heavily decorated with carved and painted figures. It is no longer brightly colored but there are painted replicas. Though it did not last long, it must have been majestic for those twenty minutes. Okay. this may be my last post for awhile. Possibly no internet until the return trip.


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