Oslo, Finland Part One

*consider yourself warned- it is not easy to write on a kindle. I am so grateful to travel with this, but it’s really easy to make mistakes and tough to fix them. If you hate typos, I can promise you that reading these travel posts will make you mad until I have time to edit them on a real computer. San Diego to D.C. D.C. to Hamburg Hamburg to Oslo Our one and a half days in Finland are already over and I’m writing from the overnight ferry to Copenhagen. I was pretty nervous about this because I have a tough time with motion sickness but this thing is HUGE! It’s eleven stories. We left at about five tonight and will arrive in Denmark at about ten tomorrow morning, making me all that more grateful for the lack of seasickness on this seventeen hour journey. Honestly, before coming here I thought it was maybe a two hour ferry ride. Maps can be decieving (and I didn’t look to closely at the placement of Oslo in Norway, so my serious misjudgement may be a bit my fault.). Anyway, this long trip means that I have time to write and there is one level with wifi so I am taking advantage. We arrived in Finland and headed right ouy for a walking tour. We saw the parliment building, the royal residence, lots of street musicians (which I LOVE- violins, acordians,, and trumpets), strange strret performers (only creapy ones- a Scream mask+, a creepy crown and a werewolf). And of corse+, lots os fabulous shops. I was so looking forward yo thid trip to see the fashion because thrre are do many Scandansvisn style bloggers. A few observations: -the wether has been very bareable. It’s been in the 30s and 40s but I’ve worn so many layers that I get very wsrm inside. It has been beautifully sunny so I don.’t mind when I lose feeling in my cheeks and it’s fun to wear the cold eeather gear. I’m especially looking forward to the blsck faux fur wrap snd gloves that Zi got at H&M yesterday. I did find a beautiful real fur scarf but I eould be afrsid to lose it for the price. -There are very few obese people .-lots of boots with thick leggings -people don’t smile a lot but they arr polite things are VERY exprnsive here. a chsperone nought a mochs for $8. -Scandanvian languages are durprisingly similiar to Rnglish and I can pick out eritten words occasionally. Okay that’s all I have time for right now. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon! xo


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