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weekend recap

I bet you’re wondering how I could do a weekend recap on Saturday morning at 7am. Well…. this is LAST weekend’s recap, but life has been insanely hectic, so here it is, 6 days after I wrote it. It was supposed to all have links, which is why it is taking me so long, but I may as well get this out and hopefully get to links later this weekend (I have a lot of fun ones!). This weekend will be spent writing 2 reports and 3 IEPs, so looking at this pictures will remind me that fun is not too far away. David and I also have a meeting at 8am to discuss our upcoming trip, so that should help remind me that I just need to make it through the next two weeks and then I’m free for two weeks to traipse around the world!
Without further adieu…

 I had a fun, jammed packed weekend, that did not include the ironing I swore I would do. Oh well, it’s not going anywhere. So, some pics of what I did do.
It started with Jack’s first tball game. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. This is Jack sprinting to first. Highlights from the game: 1. Jack playing right field and totally bored so he spent the entire inning jumping up, trying to catch a speck of dust with his glove. 2. The kid (on his team who was supposed to be running from 1st to 2nd) who got the ball when Jack hit it the second time and held onto it until Jack was safe on 1st base. 3. The kid playing first base who was playing with a rolly polly in the dirt. When his coach came over and told him to stand up, he picked up the rolly polly and let it crawl up his arm. TBall games are my new favorite!

my dad, Jack and I

 After tball, I drove to Laguna to have a lovely day with Nana (sans photos because I forgot to grab my camera battery from my dad after letting him borrow it at the game). We went to lunch, walked the cliffs over the ocean and then walked through the little shops in Laguna Beach.

Sunday, my mom and I went to the San Diego Cake Club: Cakes for a Cause. It was so neat. If you live in San Diego, I suggest going next year. There were some crazy incredible cakes and you got to decorate your own cupcakes with their neat tips. There was a raffle with great prizes and all of the money went to the Ronald McDonald house. I took 200+ pictures of the cakes, hopefully I’ll have time to go through all of the them and post some.

yea! Russia cake!

the cupcake that I made

a close up of the cupcake I made. I just realized that I took the photo of the smudged side. Oops!



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