pretty changes

So, I’ve been mulling over bangs for the past month or so. I like to change my hair fairly often and usually when I do, it’s to chop it all off or to change the color. But, I’ve been into the dark blond and I took so long growing my hair out that I am not ready to cut it yet. So…
I got bangs!
These are the first bangs of my life, so I was quite nervous. It has now been four days and I think that I like them and I am not annoyed by them yet. I’m having fun with the different look.

And my other change that I have been playing with…
fun nails.
I am trying not to buy clothes right now because of the expensive trip coming up to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, & Norway. So, I’ve somehow justified buying new nail polishes and lipstick (but only the cheap stuff!). I’ve also been inspired with lipsticks from all the fun fashion blogs I read and inspired with my nails from Pinterest, so here it is:

Mint green is my absolute new favorite trendy color. I mixed it with dark pink and gold here. First I painted them all mint. After it tried, I painted a strip of gold on the out third of each nail. Then I took a tiny pair of scissors and made the pink dots up the line. When it was all dry, I sealed it with a top coat.

Mint: Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear: Mint Sorbet 340
Pink: Sally Hanson Salon Manicure: So Much Fawn 260
Gold: Wet ‘n’ Wild Precious Metals: 356

Pink: Sinful Colors: Easy Going 700
Grey: NYC: Sidewalkers 270

And some grey and pink polka dots. This was quite easy to do and only one nail ended up wonky. I used the end of a cuticle pusher to make the dots, but the tip of a pencil or a toothpick probably would have been easier. Obviously, the size of the tip with equate to bigger or smaller dots. Play around on a piece of paper first.

And one last shot of the bangs. I kept trying to copy this up with the other shots, but it wasn’t working. Then I came to the bottom of this post, and here they all were!


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