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Valentine’s Day recap

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love pink and red and especially hearts.  I made a fun window display for the little party I threw for my girlfriends (post on that tomorrow- with yummy cupcake recipes!). Afterwards, I pulled off the “Happy 30th” and just left up the hearts. They looked so pretty in the day light.

I dipped fortune cookies in chocolate and sprinkled on colorful heart sprinkles and made a little tag to put them on that said “Your Valentine’s Day will be excellent!” I made these for my students and for Jack.

making Valentines for my students

This is my Valentine’s card from Jack. I put it over the heart paper and framed it for the month because it was so cute. My mom drew me and Jack decorated with jewelry from catalogs. The rest of the card is cover in Xs and Os.

The rest of the pictures are all from my mom’s house. I love decorating for holidays, because she always decorates all out for V Day, St. Pat’s, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I realized that I should start taking photos of all of it so that I always remember how festive and pretty it looks.

I sent out a few Valentines, but added some glitter to spice them up- now so much fancier!

So, my mom apparently only saved Caroline’s artwork. For each holiday, she seems to have a piece of Caroline’s artwork to put up, but never mine. This year she was decorating and pulled out the piece on top. She said, “oh, Jack must have made this last year.” Oh no, I made that last year and sent it to Jack in his secret admirer package. At least I finally made it up!

this was store bought but so cute. I would like to recreate it some day.

My mom taught my sister and I this poem and we would recite it as kids. This little Valentine is many years old.

A photo of Caroline and I from many years ago.

For more Valentine’s fun, visit here and here and here.

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