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Things I love

Sorry I’ve been so MIA on this. I had the week off but work was still too overwhelming! This month is going to be nuts and then we will be gone the first two weeks on April on our trip, so it may be a bit sparse around here for awhile. After that, hopefully I’ll have time and energy to devote to this! Here are a few things that I did over the break:
took a nature walk with Jack

I wanted to buy flowers for my mom. Jack saw some bright blue (dyed) daisies and some green dyed flowers that looked like carnations but weren’t that he LOVED. He wanted to buy them so much so I let him pick them out for Caroline and we dropped them off at the bank where she works. (she was very excited. when we got outside the doors of the bank, he started dancing said “victory dance.” A-dorable) Then we went home and gave the other bouquet to my mom. Then Jack said to my mom, “Mom got flowers and you got flowers. There’s no reason why Tessie shouldn’t get flowers. Will you help me pick some for her? Get some of those pretty green thing.” Ahh, I love that kid.

I made a lot of treats for myself in hopes that I will remain
on my new lifestyle diet- chocolate chip cookies, sunflower
butter cookies and mounds bars, all free of eggs, wheat, dairy
and nuts.

hiked in Mission Trails with my honey

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I actually cooked real dinners. This was romantic steak, hot crash potatoes and grilled veggies on a night when my parents came over. Hot crash potatoes are my new absolute favorite way to cook potatoes- tender and crispy and good when reheated in the oven.

played a little catched (or was the paparrazi while Jack and David played catch)
beach day with Jack

We made a giant sand sculpture city.

My dad surf fishing.

A calla lily in our yard.
Jack and I made a jet pack!
David and I took a ghost tour of the Gaslamp. We learned that in the Victorian age, people were afraid of being buried alive (which apparently happned to 2% of the population), so the ones that had a lot of money would buy a bell to put on their gravestone with a string that went all the way down to their coffin. They would then have someone watch their grave, all day and all night. That is where the term “graveyard shift” got it’s name.

one of San Diego’s first gambling halls

the marble brothel. Apparently the marbles were found
when they were digging Petco and are now are in the Natural History Museum

this is haunted. there was a prison under the building.

on the right was San Diego’s first morgue. It is also supposed to be haunted.

the Horton Grand Hotel was incredibly creepy.

this was in the Horton Grand. I didn’t notice David in the mirror until I checked the photo on the screen. Made for a creepy looking picture.

a date in Temecula

a root beer shop

my new-ish most favorite dress
And now some fun links from the past few weeks:
First, watch this short video of my darling friend with her darling son. It already has over 900 views!

I love these fancy shoes– the toes are cross stitched. So Zooey Deschanel.
Target loves color like me! Too bad I’m not allowed to shop there anymore because our tastes are just too similar.
This tin art would be so perfect in our home. I think I need to have someone collect soda cans for me.
These little tin can cakes are so delightful.
I love reading the backs of my Papa’s photographs, just like these.

3 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. Ariana Hall says:

    Tessa! You look amazing! I had a dream Josh Groban called ME trying to get ahold of Kira – lol, one can only hope! Keep on keeping on – youre the best auntie ever!


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