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Italian Cream Soda & sad news for me

So, heavy cream and butter are two of my favorite foods. Which means that I love Italian cream sodas. I had a really amazing one at Macaroni Grill recently (ginger, lime, lemon) and it finally encouraged me to look up a recipe. Every recipe said 8oz of soda water, 2oz of heavy cream and 2 oz of syrup- like Torani, the stuff they use at Starbucks. I’m not sure what is in it, but I’m assuming that it’s not good, so I searched around and found this recipe for vanilla syrup. I usually like the fruity Italian cream sodas, but this was so good. It was like a really rich cream soda. I did find this strawberry syrup recipe also, but we didn’t have any strawberries at home.
adding the sugar- first it’s white

almost done- once all the white is gone, you take it off the heat

finished vanilla syrup

the makings for a delicious drink
served in one of the cups you get if you order it at the Old Spaghetti
 Factory- the first place I tried this deliciousness


So now for my sad news. No more Italian Cream Soda for me, because it does this to me:
I’ve long suspected that I am allergic to wheat or dairy. Turns out that I’m allergic to wheat AND dairy. Oh, and shellfish, soy and eggs. This is addition to the peanuts, tree nuts and tomatoes that I already knew I was allergic to. And all of my non-food allergies- fragrances, beeswax, dust mites, trees, grasses, pollens, dogs, cats, rabbits, and I’m sure other things that I have forgotten at the moment (I’m also allergic to artificial nail gel, but I’ve never had fake nails). So, now I have a true reason for being so sick and tired for so many years (beyond just being overly stressed from work). It’s seeming like it won’t be too miserably difficult, thank goodness for Enjoy Life allergen free products and Lucy’s allergen free cookies. If you have lots of allergies, check them out. I also found hot dog buns that I can eat!
Oh, and don’t worry. My mom told me that butter is processed differently or that people who are allergic to dairy can handle or something like that. All I heard was, “you’re not allergic to butter” and I didn’t question it.
The heavy cream is another story. But, I might try using coconut cream to see if it is any good.

4 thoughts on “Italian Cream Soda & sad news for me

  1. Claudia Lincoln says:

    Coconut milk is a great alternative to using cow's milk cream. So Delicous is a great brand! They have a pint size creamer in original (that I use for sauces) and in vanilla and hazelnut (for teas) that you can substitute for heavy cream. I also use earth balance vegan butter(milk and soy free) I too LOVE cream and butter. I am lactose intolerant so these delicious ingredients tear my stomach up and make me break out.


  2. Thanks for the creamer tip! I've been putting chocolate coconut milk in my coffee, but I haven't seen the creamer. I also read that you can make whipped cream if you chill a can of full fat coconut milk and then beat it just like heavy cream. I'll let you know when I try it! Have you tried hemp milk? It's pretty good also. It's thicker than rice milk, which I like. The vanilla is yummy and I made rice with the original flavor last night and it turned out.


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