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The one I love

Today is David and my 5th anniversary. Since I have the week off, but he does not, I wanted to have fun nights with him all week. Monday night, we had my parents over for steak. Last night we were walking to our favorite pizza and beer place (Blind Lady Ale House), but instead, we ran into this:

Turns out that all these months that we’ve been living in Normal Heights, we’ve been missing out on Tasty Truck Tuesdays! It is in a the front lot of a auto body shop and it was delightful! There were about 8 trucks and about 40 people at any one time milling around. There were two community tables and a lot of people were eating on the cub or brought it down to the park the next block over. It was such a fun unexpected night! There was Eastern European, Thai, Italian, New Yorker and some other types of food (including a dessert truck!).

We chose this one. Fat sandwiches. They had sandwiches and hot dogs filled with things like french fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, chili and all sorts of other delightful items designed to cause momentary pleasure and then gastronomic displeasure (but so worth it).

the Ron Burgundy- cheese steak with mozzarella sticks & french fries

The Charger- cheese, chili, onion, french fry hot dog. yum!

look at these!

And then ended the night with the dessert truck- I picked this one strictly because of the Mardi Gras sprinkles and for no other reason. We brought it home with us so that we could walk off the feast we just had (and enjoy the cupcake with champagne).

And because I’m expecting our wedding website to be shut down soon (and because I’m expecting that few people actually read it), “our story” from our wedding website:
“Tessa: We met in January 2006 during my first year of teaching. One of my classroom aides had gone out on disability and after 3 months of substitutes coming in and out of the room, I was fed up. One day, David came in to sub. After taking him for granted for a week or two, I realized that he was a keeper and quickly called my best friend Lori to let her know that I had found the perfect man for her.
David: I remember when I was first introduced to Ms. Crandall in January of ’06. She had dark, sleek hair, was very professional and seemed disinterested in me. I fell in love with the job right away and told Ms. Crandall that I wanted to be a special education teacher, too. She encouraged me to look into a teaching credential at UC-Santa Barbara.
Tessa: Two weeks after my conversation with Lori, I selfishly decided to keep David for myself (which all worked out seeing as Lori is also now happily married).
David: For Valentine’s Day, I had decided to buy some valentines for the class. I picked out a “That’s So Raven” valentine poster for Ms. Crandall as a joke, not realizing that her smile would cause me to develop a crush. The next day I asked her oh so innocently what she had done for Valentine’s Day. When she told me about her evening of wine with her girlfriends in a hot tub, I started to think about how I could ask her out.
Tessa: After work one day, David asked me if I wanted help cleaning up the classroom. I told him I had to buy him a beer as a thanks.
David: We shared an evening together full of conversation as the rain drizzled outside, neither wanting the night to end. When we finally left the restaurant, we lingered outside for a while until I asked her if she would like to go see a movie. It was an awful movie. But we didn’t mind.
Tessa: The next night we went to see musician Phil Shane and our love was later sealed with Phil’s rendition of “Fools Can’t Help Falling in Love.”
David: I showed her my sweet dance moves and she was hooked.
Tessa: After four months of sneaking around the halls of Lake View, poorly pretending not to be in love, David moved to Santa Barbara to pursue his dream of also becoming a special education teacher, while I stayed in Huntington Beach. A year and a half later, David got a job in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eight months later, I joined him. And after two and half years of love (two years and four months of that in separate cities), we were finally living in the same city again. Eleven months later, David proposed, sweaty and covered in mud, after a five hour hike to the top of an active volcano of the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. And of course, I said yes.
David: I said, “Marry me.” In tears, she smiled and said, “It doesn’t fit.”
Tessa: Now I plan weekend adventures and he buys me flowers and I cook delicious dinners and he makes the kitchen sparkly clean after. We also try beers of the world together, share ideas for our careers as special educators, encourage each others’ passions for creativity and look forward to a life filled with adventure and love. “
Happy Anniversary boo. I’m so lucky to have you!


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