DIY, family, party, Valentines

Super hero Valentine lollipops

My sister and I made the superhero lollies that have been going around Pinterest and the blogosphere. They turned out very cute but it was a lot of work cutting out all of those little masks. We used purple paper beacause I have tons left over from our wedding invitations. We used puffy paint to decorate then because it went over the dark purple and we didn’t have enough stickers to decorate. We used blow pops for some and valentine tootsie pops for others. The shape of the tootsie pop wrapper and the light pink made for a much cuter super hero lollie.

Jack writing his name. These were pretty difficult and this was the only part that he could really help with.

me puffy painting the hearts (with my heart finger nail!)

the capes, complete with each classmate’s initial

super hero!

I have one more Valentine’s Day post planned out- I love hearts and red and pink!

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