What I love this week…

*How to write a thank you note because although it took me SEVEN months to (almost!) finish my thank yous, I do think that they are lovely and important.
*I’ve been really into chandeliers lately. I’ve decided not to make this one, but it’s still really neat. I think I’m going to go for 3 globes over my sewing table for the extra light that I need.
*Cool pop up photography!
*Free movie night printables.
* I was never a huge peanut lover, which is good, because I’m allergic to them. However, I love Thai peanut sauce, so someone should make this. Maybe I’ll try it with sunflower seed butter!
*My mom got me hooked on Sublime Stitching and now I want to try embroidery- especially making this on a pillow for our room.
* Last week I posted about wanting white lace shorts. Adapting this skirt tutorial, I think I am going to buy cheap white shorts and sew on my own lace!
* These dresses are so stunning to this girl who loves fashion and travel!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to enjoy the beautiful weather. I’m not so sure that I’ll have much time to blog thisw week. I do have one more wedding post, so hopefully I’ll at least get that up.  Friday I am having some girlfriends over because 3 of them turned/are turning 30 within the span of a month and a half. I’m quite excited to celebrate this exciting birthday with them!


One thought on “What I love this week…

  1. Ahh, those dresses are wicked! I'm sure we've been having much different weather than you (or at least I hope so…) but we did get some really beautiful snow this weekend. 🙂 Enjoy your busy week!


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