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Wedding DIY! Part 1: the rehearsal dinner.

Our 6 month anniversary was a few weeks ago, so I am quite late here, but it’s still worth posting out- the handmade aspects of our wedding! There were many of them and though they were a lot of work for all who were involved, they were so very worth the time and effort. Lots of people pitched in- friends, my parents, mother in law, aunts, nephew and nana. We were so grateful to have so many beautiful one-of-a-kind items in our wedding.
This is part 1 of a couple part post-  the rehearsal dinner and gifts.

I bought beautiful mini papel picado from both Aretelexia in San Diego and Casa Bonampak in San Francisco. I cut each flag off in the middle of the string and then hot glued the corners of the string to the corner of the bag, so the flag was loose. These little papel picados could be used for everything!

Michaels has sadly discontinued this line, but you could make fancy ribbons by choosing different medallions and ribbons to put together. I hung them on the back of our chairs at our rehearsal dinner. Our RD was at Pat & Oscars, so it came with the cheap black chairs and table clothes that needed a little sprucing up. We used napkins as a little cloth and the centerpieces that my mom had made for cocktail hour for the wedding.  For the rehearsal dinner, I bought Chocolove chocolate bars and scrapbook paper and sticker strips and labels. Seeing as it was around 1 am, two nights before the wedding, I delegated candy bar decorating to my friend for her fancy handwriting.

centerpiece that my mom made

We gave them monogrammed Pottery Barn towels (for the hotel pool) with fancy medallion pins to wear. I also got them canvas bags filled with a book, coloring book, markers, a juice box and snacks- it was their “stay busy” bag for the rehearsal, RD and at the hotel the next day. Jack’s marker box also doubled as a practice pillow!

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