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Valentine’s secret admirer

As I mentioned yesterday, I was Jack’s secret admirer last Valentine’s Day. I was in the Bay and he was in San Diego, so I mailed four packages down there, about once a week for four weeks before Valentines. I tried to use “from your secret admirer” as the return label, but the USPS told me that you have to have a first and last name. You know, because you couldn’t make up a fake one. I was pretty upset, but called my mom to cross out my name before Jack got it.

the first package- craft supplies to make Valentines

Package 2

Package #2’s note- Jack, did you get my last package? I hope you made me a beautiful valentine (if you can figure out who I am!! Here’s your next package… a pretty heart to hang in your window, a trick (a whoopee cushion… you can save if for April Fools) AND lots of treats… sweethearts for my sweetheart, blow pop hearts cause my hear is popping with love for you and chocolate coins because your love is worth more than gold.

Package #3- The package in the bottom left corner is so cool. When you hit them with your fist, a small Mylar balloon (like the ones they sell in the floral department) that is pop out. I’ve only seen them at the dollar store in Richmond.

Hey you, my boy, my cutie, I gotcha, didn’t I? No way will you find out who I am! I dare ya to try! Ur mine because you are too cool, totally awesome and you rock!!! I ❤ you and you better luv me too! Love you! See ya very soon!
XOXO, your secret admirer
Package #4 on was opened on Valentine’s Day with a frame of my and my favorite little man (and his favorite pumpkin, Egward).
This one was for David, not Jack. A turtle cheesecake- chocolate crust with chocolate cheesecake, covered in caramel, chocolate chips and pecans.

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