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14 days of Valentines

Last year for Valentines Day, I sent Jack four different packages the few weeks before from his “secret admirer.” Of course he guessed it was me, although I denied it until the end. So, a few weeks ago, he said “Tessie, are you going to be my secret admirer again?” I wasn’t planning on it, since we now live nearby and I get to see him often. However, I am not turning down a six year old, so thank you Pinterest, for helping me come up with some of these ideas, and the Target dollar bin for helping me come up with the rest! I spent less than $20 altogether and there are 14 gifts (one for each day in February leading up to V-Day). I made the little sayings on Word and printed them on card stock. I used dafont for all the fun fonts. I love downloading free fonts! They are all heart themed, except a bunny one for the Annie’s bunny snacks and the Star Wars font for the book. I love Valentines Day and I loved planning this out! I’ll post about the gifts from last year as well,  because I have photos of those and a gift for the beer lover in your life. Happy February!
Valentines Count Down
You’re the apple of my eye.

You’re a catch!

You knock my socks off!

Yo, yo yo. Be my valentine!

You have me hooked (and those are gummy worms).
-Jack and my dad are fishing buddies now.

Be bop be boop! I be boop love you!
-Jack and I will have conversations talking like R2D2, so this is my written R2D2 voice.

Blow me a kiss!

You’re worth a million. Don’t ever change.

Ahoy matey! Be my valentine.

You’re a life saver!

You’re outta this world!
-This will be the gift on the last day, so it will be in a gift bag.
Some bunny loves you.

You will have an excellent Valentine’s Day tomorrow! These will be dipped in chocolate and heart sprinkles, but I am going to wait for the night before to do that. Then I’ll post up some pictures.
The last one is Pop Rocks, but they’re hard too find. I’ll add that photo in later.
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