friends, what I love

What I love this week

I am still sick and feeling very unproductive, but we did still have a few fun activities planned. We hung out with David’s new coworkers on Friday night and it was nice to get to know them a bit better since we will all soon spend 2 weeks together. Saturday was my BFFs 30th and she did 30 kind acts. We joined them for a delicious dinner at Tender Greens and then headed to a coffee shop to make valentines for people in a nursing home. It was a lovely night with her family and nice to spend time with them, since it doesn’t happen as often as it did back in high school. I also have 4 blog posts scheduled for this week since I was too tired to write at all last week. And, I planned Jack’s valentines secret admirer, which I can hopefully blog about this week as well.

craft time

oh Dan.

Some of the excellent notes.

the birthday girl doing her last of the 30 acts of kindness


My wildest dream already came true 🙂

Fashion & Necessity
I am making these right now.
And these look amazing. Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries and local honey is such a delicious treat.
I am so in love with this poster. I want to put it up in my sewing room and pin where I’ve been.
I love birthday crowns because I love birthdays!
This test tube chandelier is so pretty with the flowers.
If anyone sees white lace shorts that are actually affordable, please let me know. I think they’re the prettiest!
I bought doilies to make doily garland across my sewing room.


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