Rainy Day Soup, Sick Day Soup


My mom made garlic soup a few month ago and it was pretty delightful. I am not a fan of an cream based soups, but I love garlic so much that it wins me over with this one. David really loved it and since garlic is a natural get-better cure, I made some tonight. It takes a few hours with all the cook time, and a lot of peeling of garlic cloves and cutting onions, but it is fairly easy to make and perfect for a sick day (especially when it’s also rainy!).

If you slice off the bottom of the garlic head, it is easier to pull all the cloves apart. It took about 3 heads altogether (not all peeled, thankfully).

Olive oil and garlic. One of the world’s best combinations!

I didn’t read the directions very well and peeled the first batch (26, when I only needed to peel 18- a huge difference for the well-being of one’s fingers when peeling garlic). I also soaked it in olive oil and salt and pepper, which didn’t hurt the soup at all (just my fingers).
onions sauteing while waiting for the garlic to finish roasting. I chopped the onions, instead of slicing, because I didn’t want big chunks of onion in the finished soup. I forgot that everything got pureed in the blender. Sliced probably would have been better because it would have hit the blades of the blender better, but it really wasn’t a big deal.

roasted garlic. I may have eaten a few of these plain. Note to self- roast extra garlic as a snack next time!
sauteing the garlic and onions, right before the broth was added.

finished. a very pale and not too thick soup. I also added an extra half cup of broth because I had a 4 cup container and because I figured that it would help cut some of the creaminess.
I don’t think the Parmesan was a necessity, but it
was a nice addition.

a cold bustin’ (but heavy in fats) soup!

I am feeling a bit better today (in part to this soup, I’m sure!) and I am off to a photography class this afternoon to work more on using manual settings.


5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Soup, Sick Day Soup

  1. Made this tonight. I used my pampered chef garlic peeler and it was a snap. The soup packed a punch – our garlic cloves were pretty big though. I think we may blend in some baked fingerling potatoes tomorrow.


  2. Lori- Our cloves were regular sized and I added the extra broth. When my mom made it, the garlic was much stronger (you know that burn in your chest you eat raw garlic?). The taste was still delicious but I couldn't eat too much from the burn. I was thinking of you and your Vitamix when I made it.


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