What I love this week…

This little cutie visited my class this week.

* So you have to be on Facebook to see this ad. I kind of want to go to add it to the “obscure people I have met” category of my life (he’ll be up there with William Hung, whom I’ve seen in concert twice in my life. yes, you read that life. william hung. in concert. two times. oh man.).
*I got Beyonce’s last CD this week. My two favorite wake-me-up-on-the-way-to-work songs are Love on Top and Countdown (you can also see B’s pregnant belly in one quick shot).

*Since discovering my favorite bacon, I’m decidely really into cooking with it. I might have to make these this weekend. Sorry Wilbur!
*Speaking of food, I’ve been wanting to make this for weeks. Maybe it will happen this weekend as well. **Tip- it’s great with lemon too.**
*And again, I’ve been wanting to make white bean chicken chili for awhile. I have all the ingredients, so this weekend it is!

*I may not have finished our thank yous from our wedding (yep, 6 month anniversary was last week), but I sure have found time to pin lots and lots of ideas for my 30th birthday party (only 9 months and 6 days away). My 20s sure have roared, so that will be my theme! There’s not much time left. Start thinking about your costumes 😉

*Gorgeous Mexican-inspired Valentine’s fabrics. This is also a really great little shop. I super recommend checking it out if you are in Little Italy!

*Cute. And free!

*I will definitly be using this idea on our upcoming trip to Russia and Scandanavia.

*And, a Leo Tolstoy quote, in honor of my 2nd favorite holiday (Valentine’s Day) and getting visit a country on my dream list: “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”  (“War and Peace”)


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