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trout & tea

I have gotten a bit sick again, so instead of working on a post about our DIY wedding invites, I’m going to do a quick food post. My dad caught 5 huge trout on Friday and David and I took some home. David found this Emeril trout recipe and we tried it out last night. It turned out great- it was light and moist and cooked perfectly. There were only a few bones left (I was able to pull them out almost in entirety just after it was out of the oven. It was baked with garlic, lemon and tons of herbs, so it was healthy. We also made the Trader Joes fire roasted balsamic veggies which made for a great combo. Trout’s not the most common fish, but if you come across some, we recommend this. But, we have tons more trout to consume, so I should have more trout recipes soon. The Emeril recipe seems like it would work great with salmon as well.

all of the seasonings. we only had fresh mint and no dried parsley, we changed the recipe a bit.
these are great, I recommend them.
ready to be cooked
bon appetit

And, my favorite tea. I love nearly every Mighty Leaf flavor. I was so happy to find this sampler pack to try all of their rest. Look at that tea bag. They are fabric and have actual flowers and dried fruit in them so they make for incredibly flavor teas and they are natural sweet. I love them and originally discovered them at the Nordstrom’s Cafe years ago. My favorite is Green Tea Tropical and Orange Dulce is probably my second fav. This Chamomile Citrus is great also and one of the few decafs. I LOVE this tea. You should try it!


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