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Rainy Day fun

We were supposed to go to Sea World on Monday, but it was raining off and on so we had a rainy day day instead! Caroline and Jack came over and we made cookies, homemade pizza, read some books and did two science experiments.

Jack came over and we were both wearing jeans and wide stripes. He had on his black Pumas, so I put on mine! Twinses! He also made me hold a mini cable car and he held the mini Golden Gate Bridge because “you love Francisco and I love Francisco and Mommy loves Francisco and David loves Francisco and my nana and papa love Francisco. Is it Francisco or San Francisco? I get confused because there is a Francisco in my class.”  
milk mustache

starting the cookies


Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies. Close to the best!
cookie tower

My mom got this for David and I for Christmas. Jack was mad that we put it together without him and spent an hour or two rearranging it over and over.

Oh the anticipation!

Although it doesn’t look like much here,
it was really cool. It would explode (in the
tube only) over and over again and went
from purple to blue.
science #2- color changing paper

ice cream sandwiches with our homemade cookies!


So, we have some exciting news- David got a new job last week at a private school. It is very different from the public school system but I think that he will do well there. It’s an interesting model and seems like it will be a great job. But, it gets better then him just getting a new job- the school takes all of the students (less than 30) on a trip somewhere in the world each year. This year they are going to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark for two weeks in April and we get to go as chaperones! I only need to take one week off of work because it overlaps with my spring break. I feel so blessed to get to go to 8 countries in the span of 9 months. I love adventure and this most certainly will be one- both because we get to go to some of my dream countries and we will be chaperones for the first time.


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