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Christmas break fun

Here is a much delayed post about our winter break. It was lovely and wonderful and such a great two weeks. The first week we spent with Jack- crafting, baking, fishing and bike riding. The second week we relaxed, ate well, saw friends and had mini adventures around San Diego. In early December, we went to December Nights in Balboa Park. It was one of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child and I was so excited to finally get to go back. My favorite is to watch the little kids through women have a procession in front of the Museum of Man and sing Christmas songs in English and Swedish. It’s a bit magical to me.
We went to Disneyland for a day and my nana (one of my all time favorite people) hung out with us for lunch and then we spent the rest of the day there. I love Disneyland and of course my favorite is at Halloween, but Christmas is my second favorite! We took Jack to Christmas Card Lane- the one thing my parent’s neighborhood is known for. Since I was a kid, families have made giant ‘cards’ out of plywood to put on their lawn. About four streets do it now and it is a fun walk.  The string lights below are from a street by my parent’s. This year was the best they have been. There are tons more than my meager photo shows. We also went to the Wild Animal Park, got Sea World passes (yea!), drank yummy beers and went to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.
It was lovely and lovelier!

Balboa Park for December Nights

Matching free scarfs from the Robitussin booth.
This was my 2nd favorite as a kid at Christmas on the Prado- Santa the the reindeers flying off
Nana and I at Disneyland

David and I at Disney

the tree on main street

My favorite kids’ movie! So cute.
Chili dogs- always our end of the night treat at Disney.

Main street, Disneyland

On Christmas Card Lane

Jack making a gift for his momma

One quick, funny Jack story. My dad, Jack and I were going to the rock quarry in Poway because Jack absolutely loves to climb on the piles and pick out fancy rocks to take home. It was cold in the house, so he was wearing his robe over his clothes, with his new suede, faux fur lined shoes and his hair done. My dad told Jack to take off his robe so we could leave and Jack said, ‘No, Papa, rich people wear there robes out.” He got to wear it in the car for a comment like that!

Jack’s ice cream- wowzers!

the life of luxury.
This crazy car was in the parking lot at the Zoo and it was covered with a crazy holiday display.

Sea World!!!!!

My all time favorite restaurant- Old Town Mexican Cafe. I’ve ordered the same thing since I was 3- a plate of beans with flour tortillas.

Trader Joe’s holiday stout.

New Year’s Eve. Junk food, beer and David’s former favorite movie.
Our new neighborhood! It has great beer, pizza, Mexican food, a cute coffee shop, a family run homemade ice cream shop, a Mexican home store and a fabric store. It’s everything I love in life! 
Beer on New Years Eve at Rosie O’Gradys.

Point Loma light house

A funny photo of us trying to block the
sun from our eyes when I forgot to put the flash on
 the camera. Oops.

I’m proud of these next few shots (yes, of beer) because I actually took them on manual settings. David wanted to watch the Cowboys game and I couldn’t say no because it was his birthday. So, I brought my camera, ordered a delightful beer and practiced using my camera the way it was intended! This is at Blind Lady Ale House. I seriously love this place. The pizza was incredible and so was the beer. Here is their menu. If you scroll all the way down, you see the importance of a good pour. I love the biker that graces all of the their glasses to hit the perfect pour line.

At Blind Lady Ale House. They have Amazing pizza. Oh yeah, and a good, obscure, ever changing beer selection.

This picture is making me SO hungry.
From earlier that day at Cabrillo (I can’t get the photo to move to where it is supposed to be 😦
This was from earlier in break when I took David for an early birthday present to see a Johnny Cash tribute band at the Belly Up in Solana Beach.
Happy 2012 from us!


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